Oncotype DX test - for cancer

stoneybaloneyJune 3, 2009

Has anyone had this test done on a tumor? What were your results, and what did you decide for treatment?

I had a bilateral mastectomy the first of May, and all my cancer indicators point toward NOT needing chemotherapy except for the size of the tumor. That, by itself, normally dictated that chemo should be used.

My oncologist recommended the Oncotype DX test to test the tumor at the molecular level to help make the decision whether chemo is really beneficial for this particular tumor. I'm currently waiting for results (another 10 days to go).

I'm just wondering who all has had the test, and any decisions made based on the test.



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I know nothing about the test, but when are you scheduled to have it done?

Hope the results are in your favor.


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Thank you, Mona. My surgery was May 1, and the tumor was removed then. The hospital pathology lab kept the tumor, and sent a section of it to the lab that performs this test, around the 1st of June. It takes 10 - 14 days for the test, so I'm still waiting ... hoping to have results next week.

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Have you heard anything yet?

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Stoney, go to www.breastcancer.org
You do not have to join to look around. I would suggest going to the forum section of the site. There are thousands of women that belong. Do a search for oncotype DX. I am sure you will come up with hundreds of threads and maybe an answer to your question. I belong to the site and love it!
Good luck,

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I should have come back here and updated ...

My results did FINALLY come back, it took over 2 weeks, and then the onc. wouldn't let me have the results over the phone so there was another 6-day wait for him to have an opening to see me. It was a horrible wait, but well worth it.

My result was 17, which put me at the top of the Low category which ... combined with my other statistics, caused my onc. to NOT recommend Chemo for me. He said the known risks associated with the Chemo are higher than the believed benefit I would receive.

I'm so THANKFUL. I was concerned about the Chemo, I'd found a forum of women taking the same combination he was going to recommend, and there were some pretty serious side-affects going on. I finally figured out that most of the women who don't have problems aren't posting regularly, so this was the handful who DID have problems but by then I was already pretty upset.

So now, on Femora for the next five years to inhibit recurrance, and still healing from the surgery. Plastic Surgeon said it could take a year (!!!!) to be completely back to normal. I hope that's a 'worst-case' scenario and that I don't take nearly that long.

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