Temp fix for hardwood floors

alyxmjAugust 1, 2014

We have a 1950s house with hardwood flooring of some kind in the living room. It was covered by carpet, but after potty training a dog or two, I tore it out. In a few months we are going to be putting vinyl floor planks down, but in the meantime the floors are in horrible shape.
The current finish is thin to non existent throughout the room and have new dogs going through potty training so cleaning multiple times a day and worried about water damage.
Is there a cheap finish that will help control damage until we can get better flooring in? Tempted to just paint the floors, but don't want to have to strip paint later if we, or future owners, decide to take it down to the hardwood again. The room is less than 200 sqft and would prefer not to sand if possible.

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I have done temporary restorations on hardwood twice with Howard's Feed 'n Wax for furniture. Once on old parquet and once on 4-inch oak. This makes them look rich and beautiful for several months -- but in a matt kind of way, like old-fashioned oiled hardwood. I love the look, but it takes elbow grease and knee pads. And while it will repel dog pee somewhat, it won't completely seal the floors. Advantage is, there's nothing to strip off if you decide later to refinish. Link below. Truly amazing stuff. You could also try Howard's Restore A Finish, but I have never used it on floors, only furniture, where it can bring the dead back to life.

Another cheap option if you are unconcerned about looks would be to just purchase a big sheet of vinyl flooring off the roll from one of the big box stores and tack it down temporarily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Howard's products at Amazon

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I'd lay down some cheap sheet vinyl. The in-stock stuff costs under $1/sf.

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