mitral valve regurgitation

anathemaJune 1, 2007

I was just diagnosed with hypotension and mitral valve regurgitation. In the event that surgery is required, I am looking for information from anyone who has gone through it.Thank you for any information.

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my mom has this, except she has hypertension. My mom also has more than one valve effected. She has to take anti-biotics before she goes to the dentist because something if there's an infection it will go straight to your heart and then keep swishing around in there. Has your doctor said anythign about that? if not you may want to ask before you go to the dentist again.

Let me know if you have anymore questions, I can go ask my mom for you. She hasent had to get surgery though, she might cause now more than one valve is effected.

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HI,soccerstar,thanks for writing. Yes, my doctor told me about needing antibiotics prior to dental work. I was just wondering about the surgery because I don't know how long I have had this (I'm 45), and I don't know how long they let this type of thing slide before they operate. I just read that it is best to have the surgery done early because your heart might not be healthy enough to operate on if you wait.You might want to tell your mom that.Hope all goes well if she has the surgery.A.

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What exactly did your dr. say about the level of your regurgitation? I also have mitral valve prolapse and my regurgitation has been defined in the past as "trivial" - almost nothing. Has your dr. actually said you will need surgery? Some people with MVP and regurgitation so bad do need to have their valve repaired but this number is rare compared to the millions who have MVP. Are you symptomatic or was this found on routine exam?

You've probably had MVP all your life.

I understand the desire to operate when you are young and healthy (like Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he repaired his heart problems because he said he wanted it done at the peak of his health). For me though I guess I feel like we'll cross that bridge if it ever comes up. Unless my dr. said absolutely have this done I wouldn't worry over it.

MVP with no or very little regurgitation is considered a common and benign event. I understand though it's still scary to get a diagnosis of anything especially related to the heart - I read and read everything I could get my hands on after I found out I had it.

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I don't have info on completing the surgery, but would recommend a second opinion regarding the MVP simply based on my own experience.

I was misdiagnosed with MVP.

I was in my late teens and the diagnosis severely curtailed my activities. For about 15 years I took antibiotics before any dental or surgical work. So, I was basically told I could die any minute, but not too likely, so there was no need for surgery.

The error was discovered in a follow up by my current GP who apparently just needed to see the print out. My heart does beat "to its own drum" if you will (ventricular arrhythmia) and I do have a murmur...but 2 subsequent echos show no MVP.

I hope you do not need surgery. If you do, read, ask questions, and be comfortable with the DR/Surgeon and procedure.

Well wishes to you.

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