Trying to do my own web site??????

connie_txOctober 19, 2003

I have bought the Web easy Professional and have started to do my own web site. However I am just as lost as to what to do. I cannot afford to pay someone to do the site for me. I also need to do this for myself because I will be changing products for sale often and live in a rural area that I could not just get anyone at the drop of a hat to come help me. How in the world do you get the secure things and the shopping cart things added. I will be offering our childrens handmade painted furniure and accessories. I want them to be able to buy it from me on the web rather than have to call me. I have done the first page or so and do not know what I have to put at the bottom or the bars to get to the next page.Either I am looking at the wrong stuff or it doesnt tell me simply enough what comes next and where to put it. Thanks for any help. I also got the Yahoo web page disc in. and have tried with it to a point and don't know where to get it from there either. Is this something I will have to get at another site as it doesn't even mention anything about buying from your site. Just placing pics etc. I do not know the code and will never figure it out, thats why I bought the Web easy they do it for you.

Thanks so much for any help


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Where is your web site hosted? Many hosting companies have built-in secure access, shopping carts, and tutorials.

You can also just set up the site and use ... a simple mail-to link where they can email you about the purchase would work for now.

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Ever think about selling the stuff on ebay?

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I don't have a site yet, all I am doing is building it to then push a button to publish it. Don't understand a bit of it but am trying. Maybe once it is published all that will show up. However how do I know where to put spaces and buttons like you do on sites you buy from. Also I have tried ebay and stuff gets buried there. I have sold a few things this past month first time in 80 zillion tries. Maybe its where I listed it or because of xmas coming up. I hate it though you never get what its worth when I sell it out in the public. I cannot keep my stuff at shows but they want to buy it after the auction when they didn't bid or missed it. I tell them at my regular price and they act offended. Does this happen all the time. People wanting it for what you started the bid at. If I put the price on it that I do sell them at it just sits there, if not I get about half. How do people do that start at 1.00 and get 50 for a 10 dollar item. I cannot risk that at all. We design build and handpaint childrens furniture and have worked hard at it for 17 years to be unique. I also find that once i email a photo I never hear from them again. Guess its for copying which I do have copyright on it. It is unusual shapped and painted. Very girly.


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I don't want to discourage you but you might think about hiring a web design company to help you. You would save a lot of time and you could start selling sooner.

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to add to what s/he said above, you'll also get a site that will look professional. It's great that you want to learn to do web sites, but make a hobby site and if/when you get as good as the pro's... make your own business site.

Your business site reflects your business. I see too many garbage sites out there and just shake my head.

Good luck,


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