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puneetchauhanOctober 30, 2013

What is the difference between strong and b tag?

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Richard (chuggerguy)

They look the same to me... Tag Result b Sample text strong Sample text i Sample text em Sample text

I won't pretend to have the language skills to understand this explanation but anyway:

And to add to my confusion, HTML5 apparently redefines the b and i tags to have the semantic meaning it once lacked:

Personally, I'm too lazy and uneducated to understand the difference, except perhaps as it pertains to using a screen-reader, so I use the method with the least keystrokes. I don't design web pages professionally though. If I did, I'd probably start using strong and em and pretend I knew why. :)

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Strong tag to make the text bold it also looks bold in most browsers.It is Logical Tag.

Bold tag to make the text bold it does look bold.
The b tags are primarily for visual effect on a page when designing layout.

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If You want HTML Tags in Briefly See this here you can get lot of HTML Tags with Example.

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"b" is deprecated. So is "I" (use em, instead). That's the difference.

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