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oddieJune 12, 2007

This is a photo of we assume is somekind of bite on my sons chest, six days after he noticed a small lump with a red dot in the middle, he c/o the area being sore to touch weird feeling with his heart beat, could not explane well those feeling, the bruiseing became worse each day till it looks like this.

Son went to a urgent care medical center and was told they didnt think it was a spider bite because it had only one hole and said it was bruised because he had been messing with it, son said he hadnt and asked to see another doctor, was told the same thing but in a different form, was given a cream to put on it, no test was done not even a chest xray, he refuses to go to a doctor in another state, didnt want to go the frist time, I am worried has anyone heard or seen anything like this, I might add that son has no insurance at this time, he just statred a new job that he is working a midnight shift and has his system all messed up from lack of good sleep! any help would be appreciated.



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I don't think that's the bullseye rash of a tick bite (infected with Lyme disease)......but why don't you look up what that rash looks like and see if it looks like it.
Could you possibly take a picture of it a little further away? Was he out in the woods somewhere right before he noticed it?
Does your son have any other medical conditions?

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P.S. If you think it does look like a tick bite, its very important for your son to receive the antibiotic doxycycline ASAP. Lyme disease is awful and can leave life-long problems. But if taken care of quickly, he should be okay.

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Thank you for the quick response! here is a better picture, the dark area is bruiseing, the white area is the knot that sorta flaten out and got wider, you can see the small red dot in center that had one hole, doesnt look like the bulls eye from a tick bite, what I read also said they had a black center.
son says he has been feeling sick to his stomach but does have stomach problems, he started working midnights and hasnt slept much so hes been tired anyway, stomach problems could be from stress, its hard to tell if its new or same old, his back hurts him all the time and has arthrits in his fingers, so he aches alot, the area does not feel hot to touch, has gotton larger everyday, I tried to get him to go to another doctor, but he wont, vital sines must have been okay and the doc did listen to his chest, I dont know what to think but it does worrie me.

Thanks agine

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That looks like the spot that appeared on my niece's thigh. An Infectious Disease MD diagnosed it as a Brown Recluse spider bite.

She was admitted to the hospital for 5 days and there was even a chance that a plastic surgeon was going to have to cut away the infected tissue.
She responded to treatment and no surgery was needed.

I'd be worried,too. That spot doesn't look good and the fact that it's getting larger concerns me.

On the other hand, maybe it's a staph infection. Either way he needs to see another doctor and probably should be on antibiotics.

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Thanks for posting son went to the ER today, was told that it did look like a bite or sting and said it must have hit a vein that caused the bruiseing, they were not concered and said to take benadryl and ibuprofen for pain, his temp was 97,he told the doctor that he has been feeling a tingel sensation in his chest and also feels hot inside skin is cool to touch, he has c/o the hot inside feeling before when he was haveing kidney stones, have to wonder if he is regestering a temp, my sister doesnt, is there a way to tell if this is what is going on?
hubby is going to show photo to some nurse at work and see what they say, we do not have the best medical care here wish he would have went to KY, now he has two large bills to pay, doctors here will not see you without insurance even if you tell them you are paying cash on the spot! dont know what the answer is,
The red spot never came to a head or drained anything, if it was a staph infection wouldnt it be draining by now ?it has been a week atleast?
I sure appreciate all the help.

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Hi oddie,
Are his back aches and arthritis in his fingers old stuff?
I think I would put warm/moist packs on the site a couple times a day for awhile. Can he take something like Ibuprofen?
I think there are a wide range of spiders/insects that can cause stuff like this without getting too sick or causing long-lasting problems.
If he can't get antibiotics, you might try talking him into taking something like garlic pills. They are supposed to be somewhat antibiotic-like.

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catherinet thanks for posting!if I trusted our medical care here I wouldnt have been so worried, bruiseing is a little better today less intence in color, and hasnt gotton any bigger,nothing worse to report.
His back pain and pain in his hands were from his skateboard days nothing would stop him and he had quite a few falls and broken bones, hes in his 30s now and paying for it.
I will check out the garlic pills never heard of that, thanks agine for posting

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