where do i find options i want in my web site???

donnaz5September 12, 2006

to be more specific, i want to make a website to sell items. i came across somebody elses web site, and i like a feature...you can hover your mouse over any item on a list and a small pic of that item pops up.you can then click the pic, or the name of the item to get a better pic and description. can i incorporate this in any web site software, or will i need a designer?

next...i'd like to keep a running tally, that will deduct automatically when an item is purchased..example...i have 10 whatevers, and someone buys 2 and pays, can i get a web page to say that there are now only 8 of this item? thanks, donna

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For e-commerce it's best to hire someone who knows what they're doing to set it up since money's on the line.

And for the very same reason I would highly suggest not using "neat" mouse hovers and excessive animations. Just too many opportunities for incompatibilities with the different browers which could send your would-be customers scurrying off to another site.

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okay..got that...but what about keeping a running tally? is that do-able? donna

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The most practical way to have the running tally is to use an e-commerce suite installed on the web server. It sets cookies necessary to do what you want. They run about $400 unless you pay a higher monthy hosting bill. Thats why I suggested an experienced web designer/mgr can set this up for you, possibly bypassing the need for added expense. Maybe you can find some cheapo shopping cart scripts or software too by doing a search.

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