insect bites or hives

judys_ontJune 8, 2004

For the past couple of days I have been getting either bites or hives appear on only one side of my body. They look like bites, but they are appearing on my stomach and upper thigh, where a mosquito couldn't have gotten. I was wearing long pants when this started also. The marks come up 2 at a time which is weird. So far I have eight. There is not a lot of discomfort although they are a little itcy and maybe burn a little. Of course, if the condition worsens I will see the doctor, but I thought I would get some opinions from here.

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Try benedryl (or any antihistamine). It will help with either.


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When I had shingles last year I thought they were bug bites too. Burning and tingling in the area clued me that these weren't bug bites. I went to the doc that day and confirmed a light shingles outbreak. Caught it in time (before the REAL pain) and got the drugs.

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The pharmacist told me they were insect bites. That is what they look like to me, but I can't understand how I have 8 of them--4 of them being on the very upper thigh and 2 on my stomach. I was wearing long pants all the time.
I have had shingles and it doesn't feel like that, although I am keeping an open mind on that.
Anyway, I got some cortisone cream, (recommended by the pharmacist). Hope that helps. He said if it flares up, then I should try an anti-histamine.

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Chiggers.....they find a spot beneath your clothing and burrow in....itch like fury!
Some say to paint the bites with clear nail polish....and I know that a NSAID like ibuprofin helps relieve the itch.
Linda C

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the pharmacist is not a doctor, they only know what drugs do, they may think they know but they are not doctors of medicine only those who dispense the drugs and its use.

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I did not expect the pharmacist to be a doctor. I know better than that. I only wanted a recommendation on an ointment that would reduce the itching. I showed him the marks and he offered me his opinion.
I quite understand the difference in the two fields. However, I give a lot of credit to pharmacists for having a broad knowledge of the medical field, not only the medicine he/she dispenses. My uncle was a pharmacist so I know first hand. Believe me, they are there for consultation in you want, but would refer you to your family doctor in a second if he felt the slightest need for it.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Mosquitoes bite through my clothing all the time.

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I was diagnosed with chigger bites 12 days ago. I was working outside and had sprayed myself against our large mosquito population. I got 6 bites on one arm, and one bite on the other. I was told to use a prescription steroid cream and 2 Benadryl every night for two weeks. The bites have subsided, but the Benadryl is making me really dopey.

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I would probably put Caladryl on it. That works good for bug bites, as well as poison ivy. It takes the sting out of it, and makes it less itchy.

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My husband and my son both had an episode of hives and they look like welts, not bug bits.

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