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mamiejammieSeptember 15, 2002

I am working on a web page using microsoft front page. If I can explain it good enough what I'm trying to do is put pictures of dolls I have made. I want to thumbnail them and have people to click on that and be able to view them. I tried but my pictures are too big to see without scrolling. How do I resize them?

Thanks, Reba

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I have never used Front Page, but I would suggest resizing the photos using irfanview before uploading them to your website.

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Reba make sure you are in edit mode.
get cursor where you want the graphic.
Insert - Picture - from file - find picture you want to use eg: doll.jpg
Once it's on the page click it once to select - at the bottom of screen you should see a row of icons ~ insert picture from file, text, auto thumbnail, position absolute etc.
Click auto thumbnail - 3rd from left. Your picture should now have shrunk. Move it or resize it as you want. Now when someone clicks on that thumbnail on your webpage it will open up your original image. Hope this helps. Sue :)

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Sorry Reba I just realised I misunderstood the question - DOH! You want the clicked picture smaller?
OK here's directions to do it in Paintshop.
File - open - find file you want eg: doll.jpg
Image - resize - Pixel size(top box) Make your biggest measurement about 250 pixels. **Make sure the "maintain aspect ratio" is ticked (bottom of box)** Click OK
File - export - jpeg optimizer
You'll see two windows of your image one shows it uncompressed the 2nd shows the image compressed this is what you will be showing on the webpage.
Set compression value as high as possible without losing picture quality - try to stay under 25,000 bytes. Click OK
Now it should be a good size for people to view and will load quite fast and is ready to be put on your webpage and made into a thumbnail. Good Luck. Sue :)

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