After Thyroidectomy

gneegirlJune 22, 2009

Hi everyone.

I'm usually on one of the other Forums, but didn't want to tie up the other Forums with my health questions - thought his Forum might be better.

I am almost 2 weeks out from a complete thyroidectomy. At first I was fine. About a day or so later I developed critically severe hypocalcemia and was hospital for the better part of 3 days, trying to get my Calcium levels to even a normal range. Has anyone else had this happen? If so, is it permanent? I found out from the surgeon that the para thyroids on the right side had to be removed, but I do have them on the left side.

The main reson for my post though, I'm also diabetic. My A1c has been in the 6.3 - 6.8 range for 2 years, and I'm on a very low dose of Januvia, once a day. My pre-op physical showed an A1c of 5.8. After the thyroidectomy, my BS has been in the 90 - 110 range w/o meds, and I'm eating just about anything (or at least that I can tolerate post-surgery). Before it would hover around 118-130, and up to 167ish after meals. I'm hoping this will remain, especially if I watch my nutrtional intake. Is this normal - stabalized BS w/o thyroid?

I was reading something about obesity and the choices people make. No, I'm not 500lbs, but can stand to loose more than a few. But since the thyroidectomy, I'm convinced that there is more to it than diet. I've lost weight and my BS dropped I know people that eat me under the table and look like a rail. Following the glycemic index is probably the best "diet", I think, but I'm wondering if my bad thyroid was limiting my results. Anyone familiar with this - Curious, more than anything.



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"I'm usually on one of the other Forums, but didn't want to tie up the other Forums with my health questions - thought his Forum might be better."

You might give this forum a try. Best of luck (and health) to you.

A link that might be useful: forum

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