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nettasauraSeptember 4, 2006

Since you have been one of the most helpful people here so far, how about taking a peek at my new webpages. Please keep in mind that I just set them up and have only put in a few hours worth of work...there are already things I would like to change. I signed up for the space week ago, but couldn't figure out how to use Yahoo!'s PageBuilder. I finally discovered a link to their HTML editor which I find much easier to use (it includes a table maker)as it lets you preview as you work. Since this is more a personal website, I don't mind the restrictions included with the free service.



Here is a link that might be useful: Lonetta's Arts and Crafts

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I don't see anything wrong with it.
And I don't see anything extraneous about the code either if you used the yahoo sitebuilder, it's evidently one of the better web-based editors.
Looks like there are some places where there should be a photo but there was no photo such as in the Christmas cards sections. The buttons you have created are just blank. I figured you didn't get around to that yet so I didn't investigate further.
Oh and I noticed there are some comments in there to actually remove 1.) a style sheet and 2.) a couple of advertisement includes. Not sure who put that in there but I can't imagine yahoo would actually invite you to remove those. Did you do that?

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Thanks Quicky!

Yeah, those removal tags are something that Yahoo puts in there, but they don't show in the HTML editor box....I checked out someone else's page and they were there I'll just ignore them. And nope I haven't gotten around to a lot of those things either. Gotta work around my children...makes things take longer. And I'm still learning....I'll just keep pluggin away I guess.
Thanks again!

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Are you using a PC?
If so, go to windows > Accessories and then open up Notepad.
Notepad is a very good program to use to edit HTML. Save your files with an .html extention and then upload them to your hosting account using a program called ws_ftp (free download for personal users at or if yahoo has a web based ftp then you can use that.

What you can do to remove the ADS from your webpages apparently is go into your browser and view the source code. Highlight and copy it then paste it in to windows Notepad. Then delete what it says to delete. (I'd keep the style sheet if you're using it or plan to use it)

Then save the file (pickAfileName.html) and upload to your account.

Glad to be of assistance...


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