Is there something wrong with this HardWood Floor

tired_boy_mikeAugust 21, 2012

Hello All,

I am doing a home renovation and ran into a problem today with a hardwood floor subcontractor.

He was hired to sand brand new walnut hard wood floors. He took about 3 days to complete the job. The problem is that I am seeing like waves and waves of what looks like bumps. I asked him if that was normal, and he mentioned about 90% of the homes turn out this way. The problem is I have never seen any hardwood floors that looks like this. So I asked my General Contractor, his reponse was he doesn't know but he has never seen this either.

So I guess I am here asking if this really is normal for walnut, because honestly I don't know.

Thx for your help.


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I was able to get another contractor to stop by. He told me that this was a sanding issue that the previous sander did a poor job. The good thing is, written in the contract, he needs to get rid of all the bumps/ripples on the hardwood. Hopefully after he is done, the bumps/ripples would be gone. *crossing fingers*

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You are seeing what we refer to as 'dishout'...and it is a sanding issue. Walnut is very difficult to sand flat. Each of us have a favorite sanding method to get a flat result. I use a machine, similar to a terrazzo grinder, called a Lagler Trio, as the final machine; it never fails in giving an absolute flat result.

You will notice dishout and any other sanding anomaly on these dark floors. You will also notice every scratch, dust particle, pet hair and piece of lint.

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Hi Glenssfc,

Thanks for your comments. I feel a lot better now knowing that the "dishout" can be removed.


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