Question about body temp?

oddieJune 17, 2007

When my sister is sick she does not regester a high temp, does anyone know what is going on and why this happens? I worrie that the same is going on with two other family menbers, sister had a kidney transplant over 30 years ago and has been very sick at times where she should be running a high temp and doesnt, son can have same virus where others run a temp and he doesnt, but c/o feeling hot inside, does anyone know what is going on when this happens and why?



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The average body temperature is 98.6. The NORMAL temp. for anyone may be a little lower or a little higher, depending on the person. Some people will spike a high temp. quickly. Others will slowly develop a temperature that does not go up more than a degree or two even though the disease is the same. Being very sick does not always mean a very high temperature. They can also have a high temperature and not feel ill, just hot.

This is just the way that people are. Different in many ways.

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Both my daughter and I don't usually get high temperatures and our "normal" temps are in the 97 something range. When I am 99.2, I feel sick. DH will instantly go up to 101 when he's ill.

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thanks for posting, I do understand that normal body temp is a little different per person, what I mean is why some people dont show a high temp when they should. could it be that there bodies are not fighting a infection ,virus or what ever like it should.
its kinda scarey alot goes on rather you have a temp or not when seen by a a doctor, I will have to remenber to ask my sisier the details,but I remenber her being very sick and takeing her to the Er and the doctor saying pack her in ice and the nurse saying but she doesnt have a temp! doc said its just not regestering, any ideas

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Like marie26 my dh RARELY gets a fever, even when he's dog sick. That's why when he does get really sick, it's difficult to get him treated - doctors say "no fever, nothing but a virus, can't give you anything for it". He has had strep a few times over the years with no change in normal body temp so doctors said can't be strep, no antibiotics, only to have him go back later and finally get the strep test done and yep, totally positive. So I understand your question of "why?" don't they get fevers when you'd think they would.

I never am under the 99-99.3 range. That's just normal for me. At the *slightest* bit of illness, I get 101-102. My dd is the same way. My ds on the other hand seems to be the gold standard of 98.6 with rare fevers. It is different for everyone.

When you say she feels "hot inside" that could be other things than a true fever. I had a LOT of hot flushing and general malaise when I was having thyroid problems. I'd go from shakes and chills to feeling like my face was on fire. I assume she's had a full workup? If not, she should.

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Thanks for posting,guess its not as rare as I thought, so you would think medical staff would be more up on it, sis has stayed with the same doctors since her transplant, and always goes for appts and test, its my son and my dad that c/o feeling hot in side,dad has ran a temp just hasnt at times when I thought he should be, son has also had the chills and shakes like you said, I will have to read up on thyroid.
Thanks agine to all that posted! sure is nice to have a place like this fourm to go to for answers.

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