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polarprincessOctober 13, 2004

Earlier this year, not far from here, 3 sisters were killed in a head on collision on the way to be bridesmaids in their brothers wedding. They were trying to pass a car and hit head on with van. Both the people in the van lived with hardly any injuries..(How does that work?) They showed the parents on the news and they were very religious and talked about their faith, and how christian and close to G*D the girls were. Now just a couple days ago, the same thing has happened again only this time it was 3 brothers. They were on their way back from dropping off film at walmart. They were killed when someone was trying to pass and saw them coming, and tried to correct but crashed into them anyway. The driver was on a cell phone and they suspect he was drinking. They showed the parents of these boys as well, and they were also very christian and talked about how close to G*D the boys were. They had been home schooled and the mother was so thankful she had had so much time with her kids. I think it is so strange the coincidences between the 2 families. I think often of how agonizingly painful to lose a child but to lose 3 at the same time seems absolutely incomprehensible. Do any of you think that faith saved you in the grief, or did you somewhere find faith that you didn't know was there?

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 brothers

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What a tragic event. I feel so sorry for the boys' family.

"Alcohol was a contributing factor." It's hard to understand why people just don't get the message about alcohol and driving.

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Quite frankly, I can't imagine how people can deal with such tragedy without faith. The alternative just seems so empty and hopeless. I know that it is hard to imagine a loving God that would allow terrible things to happen, but our faith helps us understand that God's promise of grace, mercy and peace is meant for us to realize in the life beyond this one. The benefit, in this life, is that we can have peace in spite of the pain because we know that this life is temporal and that our life with God is eternal.

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I agree, Bill. I can't imagine living this life without faith and some hope for an eternity of peace and understanding.
I always have had a strong faith, but my closeness to God became even greater after Christin's accident. My husband's did also and he converted to my religion afterwards shortly after the accident.
I'm so sorry to hear this sad story, but happy that these people have faith to sustain them.

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A co-worker of mine was recently in a bad accident on her way home from bringing her son home from Iraq. The oldest son was driving and fell asleep at the wheel, the youngest son who was 12 died from the accident and we all asked how the oldest son was doing..thinking he must be feeling terrible responsibility, but she said that one thing they all believed that made it so much easier was that they felt when it is your time it is your time. She said even if he hadn't been with, it would have happened on his bike at home or some other way- That God sets your day the day you are born, and the only thing that can change the circumstances are suicide. And that is her faith.

Here is an article with a pic of the 3 boys...Handsome kids.

Here is a link that might be useful: boys

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I cant imagine the grief these families must be going sad.


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