Code at bottom of html pages

Char_Michigan5September 30, 2002

Can anybody tell me why this code appears at the bottom of my web pages when I upload them? I've never had this happen before and have uploaded them on other websites.

footer.txt:2 header_html.txt:3 header_html.txt:4 headers_2.txt:5

Also is there a way I get rid of it? Thanks I made them in frontpage express.

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It is hard to tell without the whole thing. But does that line appear in the on your web page when you look at it using frontpage? If so, just delete it, otherwise what program are you using to upload?

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Try using a plain text program to look at your webpage before you upload it. Do not use word, but use one of the plain editing programs in the accessories part of the menu, I don't use Windows so I can't give you the name of it off the top of my head.

If that text is there, then Front page is adding it and you will have to wander through the preferences to see where and why it is doing so to fix it.

In the meantime you can use that editor to delete it.

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Thanks. I already checked it in plain text and in my homesite webbuilder, but code wasn't there. And I don't have it on any other site I upload to. Strange.

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Here's a problem I ran across when I was first doing websites.

You make a change to a page, upload it, open your browser and look at the page and it is not fixed.

A few rounds and you are ready to tear your hair out and wondering what ever possessed you to mess with this infernal project.

Often browsers keep copies of things in the cache and do not always re-load the new page. Or you are loading the page on your harddrive and thinking you are loading the website one, or visa-versa.

Try cleaning out your cache, or hitting 'shift' + reload. It may be you fixed the problem already but can't see it.

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