Glaucoma/ Xalatan drops/ preventing lid pigment changes advice?

aceyJune 8, 2007

My doctor just put me on Xalatan drops for glaucoma, but cautioned me to apply cold cream or any fatty eye cream on around the eyelid before instilling the drop. Then about 5 minutes later, to rinse my CLOSED eyes (not to rinse out the drop, but to rinse any drop remains OFF of the exterior lid). The drop can cause permanent pigment changes to the iris, as well as the surrounding eyelid....dark circles, which are listed as a possible permanent side effect. Well, I suppose dark circles are better than going blind!!!!

Anyhow, I was just wondering if any body out there is on Xalatan, do you pre-lube your lids, if so, with what brand of eye cream. Or have you noticed your lids darkened from using this or any other eyedrop? Any comments appreciated!

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I did a google search for 'glaucoma support groups' and got a lot of hits. One in particular mentions eye drops. Perhaps one of them will give you exactly the information you need.

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