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rabbit8June 14, 2004

where can I find deodorant for 7 year olds. My gran daughter gets a little musty when she go out and play.

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One of the best products I have found for a deodorant product that would be good for anyone including your little one is something called ProSeed Anti-fungal foot powder. It may also be listed as Seed A Sept. I know that sounds like a strange thing to use, but the package information says it also makes an excellent anti-fungal body powder. It is an all natural product, with the main ingredients being grapfruit seed extract; which is an anti bacterial, and slippery elm; which I understand to be an absorber of moisture. I really prefer to use this over any of the commercial products, since it doesn't or hasn't caused any irritation like the aluminum based products do.
Plus, the odor is very pleasant and woodsy. Even my wife found it to solve her deodorant problems.

It's a little expensive, but I think it is worth it.

Go to for more information, and please post back here to give us your feedback since I'd like to see some other opinions on it.

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rabbit -
A quick shower is all kids need.

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I just went to website you recommended. I never heard of this company, but I think I will try the foot powder for my feet. They itch a lot when I wear black socks in my boots. Thanks for the help.

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Post back when you get it, I'd like your opinion of it.


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I will.

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Lazygardens, I totally agree!

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And clean clothes!
Linda C

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Quite a few children have a funky musty odor. I had one son that I swear was born smelling stinky.

One reason can be that she is not drinking enough fluids to washing out waste products in her urine and it comes out in her sweat. Encourage her to drink more water.

There is a deodorant powder...."Shower to Shower" that uses baking soda. It is quite good and it doesn't put any chemical anti-persperants on her skin.

But the most important is daily baths and clean clothes. With little girls that age, it's also a chance that she's not wiping herself when she used the toilet.

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go organic. eat organic buy organic and get clean with simple baths- dont use heavy chems on kids. the body skin is an organ, treat it with respect, allow it to not get poisoned with all these commerical products that in the wild would kill most other animals. And people are of the animal kingdom and need to get back to basics sometimes to stay balanced.

The food one eats is about most of the problem. Go organic and save her life instead of feeding her food processed with cides and presevatives.

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I am with the bath and clean clothes crowd. Children don't need deodorants, powder or otherwise until puberty. If she's playing hard enough to get a little musty, that is a good thing.

Maybe it is the detergent or fabric softener reacting with her skin. The perfumes in them can smell differently on peolple, just like regular perfume can smell wonderful on some and stink on others.

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I tackle the musty smell in DD's school clothes by using white vinegar as fabric softener, and using only the recommended amount of detergent to launder the clothes.

If you use too much detergent the water will never rinse clean. Also the vineger ensures that the soiled smell and soap gets completely rinsed clean.

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Kids should start using deodorant whenever they need to. However, be very careful about the deodorant you choose. Find a deodorant that has no Aluminum, Parabens, or Propylene Glycol. I have found Junior VarsityƂs Kids Deodorant to be a great option. You can visit their site at

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ohhh that sounds great.....
let me try it once :) thanks for sharing

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