Poison Ivy

cheerful1_gwJune 8, 2009

I got what I thought were mosquito bites last week on my arm. I put an antibiotic cream on them, and bandaged them so they'd heal.

After a few days, I removed the bandages yesterday, and my arm looks worse. It looks like a rash, and this morning had spread down my arm.

I'm going to call my doctor today to see what can be done.

I seem to be very sensitive to poison ivy and mosquito bites.

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I went years working in poison ivy without having a reaction ... and then WHAM! One year it got me, but good. And now I get it practically by looking at it. LOL!

Your doctor can prescribe a steroid that will ease the itching, that's the best thing in the world. There are OTC things too, that help with the itch ... different varieties of calamine lotion.

For me, the first week is a series of individual bumps that itch ... the second week they seem to spread until it's a big patch that itches ... by the end of that week, the bumps are bursting and seeping a clear liquid. The third week, the whole mess dries up but still looks horrid. And then going into the fourth week, it all goes awya.

Good luck to you ... it does sound like PI to me.

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