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enjoyingspringJune 20, 2007

Years ago I had my gall bladder removed, ever since then I have had a problem with "bile". About once or twice a year I seem to get this build up of bile in my system. When this happens I get terribly ill, I am sick from both ends by body just seems to have to flush out my system. After I am sick,I feel fine. I try to stay away from "fatty" foods, I am sure this builds up in my system over time.

Has anyone else every had this problem after getting their gallbladder removed. How do you avoid this happening, is it just diet??

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Hi enjoyingspring,
I was just wondering how you know its a build of up of bile in your system?
I don't think bile builds up in your system when you don't have a gallbladder. The liver makes it and immediately dumps it into your intestines.......which is why some people tend to have diarrhea for awhile after having their gallbladder out........but then they adjust to it.
I'm thinking its something else that makes you sick.
Are you eating lots of veggies?
Do you have any forewarning that you're going to get sick? Does it come after eating too much or the wrong things for awhile?

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Yes, I do eat lots of vegetables. And yes it does come after eating the wrong foods for a while. When I eat a lot of junk food I find that I start to get nauseous. And then a few days later I get really sick.

I am sure my doctor told me that since I don't have a gallbladder my system doesn't rid itself of the bile as quickly.

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I have my gallbladder, but I seem to have a limit on eating junk too. Its like my GI tract just shuts down, and I have to heal it for awhile.

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Do you get really sick from it,how long does it last with you.

I would hate for this to happen to me when travelling.

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I seem to get in the most trouble around christmas, when I eat too much junk. My GI track goes crazy, I have intense pressure and bloating. I end up having to be extra careful. I'd say it takes a couple weeks at least to get it back to where it was before that.
You might try cutting back on carbs and see if that helps.

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The year following surgery I had some (sorry to be gross) bowel problems but that worked itself out. When you say you get sick, do you feel the symptoms as if you were having gall bladder attacks all over again? My first thought was maybe you were making stones in your bile duct, as that can happen even after the gall bladder is removed.

I honestly haven't heard of a buildup of bile or any post-surgery illness other than what I mentioned above with the bowels. How specifically do you know it's bile? Are you vomiting large amount of bile?? Sorry to be gross but I'm just curious how or why you think this is a bile buildup other than just feeling generally ill?

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just wanted to see if anyone else has these symptoms. i had my gallbladder removed a year ago, but still seem to have some of the same symptoms i had before. i was also diagnosed with a hiatal hernia along with gerd. i have such intense pressure between my shoulder blades that radiates to my chest and makes it hard to breath. i have trouble swallowing sometimes and have had the acid that comes up and burns my throat while i've been sleeping and has awakened me. doctors don't seem very concerned and blow it off as if its just tension or a pulled muscle and want to send me to get a massage. i have this everyday and i pray it will get better with diet and exercise, that is my last resort. any advice will certainly be appreciated.

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