Could this be a sign??

alohalaniSeptember 21, 2006

I have been waiting for a sign from my brother. The first few days after his passing, I really felt his pressence.

It has been almost 3 months & aside from dreaming about him a couple times, there's been nothing else.

Then today, as I was talking to a friend, she said she'd heard from Sylvia Brown (psychic) on a TV show, that sometimes, our loved ones actually call us on the phone to hear our voices.

I got huge goose bumps, as this happened to me twice last week, where the caller ID said "unknown caller" & there was nobody on the other line talking! brother used to call me all the time.

What do you guys think????

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I think anything's possible. I have signs as small as a breeze with a special scent on it, a found object, hearing my son's voice (although very muted and far away). I take these all as signs that he's near me.

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I've heard of that. I would take it as a sign.

By the way, did the dreams feel like a visit?

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The dreams that I've had of my brother seemed really short.
They didn't seem like visits. The first one was him standing in my moms kitchen & I just kept telling him he needed to take care of himself. (Healthwise....since he'd suffered a massive heart attack.)

The second one, again at my moms house, he was working on his car, which is VERY unlike him because he was not a handy person at all.

The third one, I can't remember. I just know I had it.

It's been a few weeks since the last dream, but then the mysterious phone call were both last week.

Please don't think I am going off the deep end....but I have an appointment with a physic next week. It's some one a friend of mine has seen in the past, several times & she is very credible.

Wish me luck.

Someone suggested I should keep a journal.

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Maybe working on the car is a symbol for getting ready for a journey?

Be very careful going to a psychic:

don't *give* information.

If the psychic asks a bunch of questions, well, the psychic isn't giving information to you, you're giving information to the psychic.

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