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chele28xxSeptember 21, 2009

Someone asked me today "will you ever get over her death" I looked at them and said "nope" her = is my mother. MY MOM my bestfriend the older version of me someone who got me..understood and pushed me to do better and strived for me to do better. I can say at this point 3 1/2 years im still not over her dying. I dont understand why she died the way she did,why she left me behind alone with nobody who gets me and understands me. I get angry still then i get sad again. My mom always told me she wouldnt see over the age of 55 and well she didn't. She told me 2 weeks before she died "make sure before they take my body you do my hair and make-up " she knew, there were other comments she made to to my dad..Sometimes i can feel her around me... its usually late at night when i can't sleep and im worried about stuff,i feel this ease come over me like everything is going to be ok.Her birthday is comeing up in oct and i know it might sound crazyb ut im going to take a cupcake up to her grave and sing happy birthday to her.I miss my mom so bad.Some days are easier then others.Safe to say today is not one of them easier day's.

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I'm so sorry.

You were so lucky to have had a close & loving relationship with your mother;
take that cupcake & sing that song & celebrate the love you two shared.

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people who haven't been through such a loss simply cannot understand. we NEVER "get over it". grief never goes away, it just gets different.

it will soon be 2 years since i lost the love of my life. i, too, still get angry occasionally and very, very sad. life will never be the same.

gary's birthday is friday. this will be the second birthday since his death. as i did last year, i will take some roses, a hershey bar (his favorite) and a helium balloon to the cemetery. i will talk to him, just as i do every day. i will write a special message on the balloon and then release it and i will sit and watch it float to heaven, until it is out of sight.

chele, i think your celebration sounds lovely. you know your momma will be right there with you, in spirit. (((hugs)))

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The loss of a mom is one thing that we never get over, we just manage to get by day to day.

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