arm pain

lsloanJune 28, 2009

I have this pain in my upper left arm when I reach back, lift something more than a few pounds or lift my arm in the air. I think it is my tricep that is hurting. I've had it a few weeks now, off and on (mostly on). The weird thing is that it is my left arm and I am totally right handed. I'll go to the clinic at my school soon, but I just wanted some feedback. I cannot think of anything that would have done to hurt my arm this way. MAYBE if it were my right arm I could say it was from overuse, but my left arm... no! Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like a tendonitis or something. I used to get that when I would reach to the back seat in the car to deal with my children. Maybe you're usually not the driver, but reach back there for something?
Can you take NSAIDS?
Try to put ice on it a couple times a day if possible and see if that helps.

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