The Cost of Lipoma Surgery?

ashliJune 1, 2007

A casual friend finally went to see a doctor who sent her to a surgeon about a growing mass on her leg. The biopsy showed it was a benign tumor. Called Lipoma.

The friend works but has no medical insurance.None.

She said she was told that the surgery would be a little over $700.00 and would have to pay that a week before the procedure. It's outpatient surgery.

I didn't say what I was thinking...but, it's hard to believe that is all she'll pay the surgeon. I was thinking, that's probably a percentage she'd have to pay before he operated...not to mention the hospital costs, etcs.

The surgeon told her if she had seen him when it first started growing, he could of cut it out right there in his office.

She should of suspected something when he told her that if it had been cancer, it would of been cheaper, but as it is, this will be called cosmetic surgery. She's 33 years old.

Does anyone have a clue, or guess what this person will have to end up paying for this operation?

I feel bad for her.

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Can she ask for a written estimate of the charges? In veterinary medicine most hospitals automatically provide a written itemized estimate with the promise that the final bill will not be more than 110% of the estimate unless they get authorization. I don't see why a human doctor can't do the same. It's true that most health problems are much less expensive and painful, not to mention carry less risks and a better prognosis, when addressed earlier rather than later.

I'm sorry that I don't know any estimates for the surgery; if she was a dog I'd say the cost is reasonable, including pre-anesthetic bloodwork and a complete biopsy.

Lipomas are mostly just annoying, but nothing to worry about medically. Many many dogs have them and they don't get removed unless the tumor impedes movement. I hope your friend does well with surgery.

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