planter warts and hydrogen peroxide?

gardengardengardengaJune 21, 2004

has anyone ever had any success with using hydrogen perioxide as a disinfectant to kill planters warts. I have a niece with 2 warts on the bottom of her foot. While I used it myself on my 3 year old son and it worked well, I was wondering if anyone else knew of this. I simply soaked the wart in guaze satuated with hydrogenperoxide from any store and then kept a bandaid over it which kept the wart moist with hydrogenperoxide. It was worked after 1 week.

The wart simply just faded and healed well.

Today I tried first application to my niece. I will keep you all posted of the results. She had complained about other wart removal methods which required the use of a chemical which burned and was irritating to her skin.

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I will be curious to see if this works! I have one on each foot, and it is soooo painful! I have been using this new Compound W plantar wart freeze stuff, MANY times, and it has not helped. Please do let post back with the results.

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My son had one for what seemed like forever. We tried various methods from home and at the doctor, (freezing, blistering liquid, Compound W...) One day my sister sent me 100 uses for vinegar - one of which was a cure for warts. IT WORKED!! A few months ago I found one on my heal and followed the same regime and it was gone it less than two weeks.

Here is what you need: white vinegar, liquid glycerin or any glycerin soap (I used neutrogena), razor blade.

1. Soak wart long enough to soften it.
2.Gently scrape at it with razor blade just to rough it up so vinegar will get into it. If it bleeds, it is no big deal, but you shouldn't purposely make it bleed.
3. Apply liquid glycerin or rub bar of soap over the wart. I have a tiny sample bar that I ONLY use for this purpose.
4. Dribble white vinegar onto it with cotton ball. Then carefully put some vinegar on the pad of a bandaid and place it on the wart.

I went throught this regime every nite, and during the day, I would put extra vinegar on it.

Hope this helps.

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My husband uses Dr. Scholls Corn & Callous Remover. The active ingredient is salicylic acid. It usually takes 4 to 5 treatments. He cuts around it with a sharp knife and then he can pull the hardened part off. I normally put the solution on for him so we can hit the exact trouble spot, to avoid killing healthy tissue around the wart, and then we put a bandaid on it.

Personally, I don't recommend this method to anyone to treat warts yourself, but he said if he had to go to a doctor for treatment, he would be going all the time, as he has had these for years and they keep coming back. I would love to know if there is a permanent cure for them, perhaps surgical removal and then they don't return?

My problem with self treatment is how do you know the warts aren't maligant and that they truly are plantar warts? If are going to cut them out with a razor blade, be sure to sterilize the blade with a match or lighter before using it. I have never had these and I sympathize with all of you who do have them, as DH tells me that it feels like he has a hard rock in the bottom of his foot and when he walks, it is very painful.

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Hey garden, how's it going with your neice?

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no just buy liquid dies falls off few days.

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