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soccer_starJune 2, 2007

I really need some adive, and it would be much appreciated. I have some "new" scars on my arms from self-injury that I would like to go away. What are the best remedies? best as in the fastest working. Also is there any paticular brand of makeup that is effective for covering scars? Im very frusterated because I have a really weird skin tone (it's like korean yellow mixed with some pink, even though im not korean at all) and I cant find any shade that matches...and i know it just looks really stupid. I cannot wear long sleeves and stay out of the sun because of soccer also (i heard the sun makes them worse)

someone please help im desperate.

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The scars fade somewhat with time. Your next bet would be to see a dermatologist. There may be something on the market that will hurry up the fading.

I don't think that sun will make them worse. It will tan the surrounding skin and if the scars are very white, they will be more noticable.

I'll bet that you are the only one that really notices them. I have one on my neck from surgery that looks just like I tried to slit my throat. No one notices except me.

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i've already been confronted numerous times about it though, so i know people are looking at them, I wish people knew better than to ask.

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Put Vitamin E ointment on your scars at night before you go to bed, it helps heal them. Put sunscreen on before you go outdoors because they will get redder and heal slower if they are new scars and get a lot of sun exposure. But most important of all, if you've been cutting yourself and are still doing it, are your parents aware of how you are getting the scars? If not, you should talk with them honestly about it, because they need to know so that they can either help you with whatever is stressing you out, or maybe arrange counseling for you.

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The best way to avoid scars is to keep the wound moist constantly. You can use something as simple as vaseline. Keep it covered all the time especially in the sun. I learned this when my first child was small and have done this for all the children, especially for wounds on their faces. It really works.

This advice is for any subsequent wounds and possible for your "new" scars, and once the scar is completely formed, I don't really know what you can do. Although I do think keeping existing scars out of the sun really helps. Use sunscreen when you play soccer.

More importantly, if you are cutting yourself, please talk to someone. Please!

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ok...I was putting the vitamin E stuff on everynight, and it was actually working (i quit using mederma cause it wasnt freaken working) some of them were almost gone..and then one day I woke up and there were red bumps ALL over my arm and the scars turned BRIGHT red

what the hell happend?!?? I just dont understand.....

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Vitamin C , hydroquinone and silicon sheets are the most important ingredients to look for while searching a product. Invicible contains all of them and it worked effectively on my scars. I'm really very much satisfied by it as it has really shown drastic effects in such sort span of time.Consult the website if you want any more's great for all kinds of scars

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