How do I post a slideshow?

momto4kidsAugust 15, 2005

I have a slideshow a friend put together and I want to post it. But I don't know how. I can't seem to get the slideshow to load on photobucket or Webshots, so I'm assuming those won't hold the format. What do I do?


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Where do you want to post? If on your website, just create the slideshow as an antimated GIF. Plenty of software available free to make those.

If you want to post a slideshow on the GardenWeb forums, please don't. Those users with dial-up have a hard enough time with single images, and a slideshow will bring their browsers to a crawl or crash them out of the site altogether.

The proper way would be to host the slideshow on your own site and offer a link to it, explaining what it was so users on dial-up can decide if they want to try to view it.

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Thank you Spewey. I think I've done it correctly, but it doesn't seem to let anyone view it. I can view and I know of another person that could view it, but no one else. I uploaded it onto Streamload that has a link to the slideshow. Maybe Streamload was not the way to go. ???


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