Pad for Rug on Hardwood Floor

sail_awayAugust 19, 2012

I've read various threads about the best pad to put under a hardwood floor, and felt ones seem to be highly recommended. Our oak floors are still curing but will soon be ready to put a rug in front of the front door (inside) and need to get a pad. All of the rug pads seem quite expensive, plus most are larger than what I need for the rug. Also, It has to be pretty thin in order for the door to be able to open over the door and pad. Would it work to simply go to a fabric store and buy the yardage I need of felt there and use it for the pad? I've heard and read about some bad results using other types of pads, so I'd like something I can be fairly confident won't mar the finish.

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Use a non skid pad.
They are thin and easily cut to the desired size.

Do not put ANYTHING down till the finish has completely cured.

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So plain felt wouldn't be okay? I know that, in general, it's a good idea to have non-skid, but I don't think that's necessary in this particular location.

We had a Swedish oil finish (Glitsa) put on our oak floors, and they say that it doesn't fully cure for 60 days. I think that is referring to the time it continues to off-gas, but I would assume we would be safe putting a small rug down after 30 days. Do you think that's correct? I think the guys who installed it said we could in 2 weeks, but we thought we'd wait a bit longer.

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Oops ... meant to add that I looked at a pad today that is fiber with rubber back. The rubber is supposed to go on the floor to make it nonslip. I thought I read somewhere not to use rubber on a hardwood floor, which is one reason I was thinking of just using felt. Do you know whether the rubber back is, in fact, okay?

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Rubber and latex may react with the surface film on the hardwood, which may result in a permanent stain.

Best to use a product rated for the use you intend. One such product is WunderGrip. Products designed to be non-staining are usually made of a virgin vinyl composition or a material with similar non-staining properties.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wunder Grip

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Thanks for the link, Glenn. I'll see if I can find that locally.

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Felt will slide all over the place.

On a small rug slips and falls.

On a large rug, wrinkles that move about from traffic.

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I'm not sure what felt would do for you, other than to give you yet another material to slid out from under you. ;)

I've used those cheap, non-stick pads Brickeye recommended, and they work great. They are so easy to cut to size and they have never failed me.

They didn't stain any of my hardwood OR laminate floors either.

However, when I was first putting them done, I did briefly worry that they MIGHT stain. Then, I realized I will always have a rug in those locations anyway. So while I don't want the floors to stain....if they do I guess I don't care because I'll never see it. I'd rather have one section a different color, than break my leg with a rug sliding out from under me. Before I put those pads down stepping on those small rugs inside the doors was like hitting ice!

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I wouldn't use vinyl pads on hardwood floors. I called a company specializing in wood floor rug pads gave them a call since I was worried about yellow staining on my floors.

They said they had vinyl pads and natural rubber pads, and specified that natural rubber should be used with polyurethane finished flooring to reduce that chance of staining or stripping. (I'm not sure why they even carry pvc pads since 90% of hardwoods use urethane finishes). I'm in no way affiliated with these guys but was pleased with their customer service.

So like I said, from everything I have read, I'd probably stay away from vinyl coated pads due to possible staining.

Here is a link that might be useful: wood floor rug pads

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