premenstrual back pain

michie1June 7, 2004

Does ayone know why I'd get severe back pain every time I'm premenstrual?

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I've always had back cramps before and during my period. However, if it a new symptom you should be checked out.


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Not only do I get pain in my back along with the ovaries cramping the pain shoots down both legs to my knees.
Its gotten worse over the years :(

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lots of women have back pain during premenstrual and through their period. the question is how severe? you may want to discuss this with your gyn to rule out fibroids and endometriosis.
oh the painful stories i could tell...
i hope your pain can be reduced

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Does anyone know WHY there is back pain during ones period though?

I actually do have mild endometriosis & I also have had fibroids - had surgery 2 yrs ago & still have a small one now. I didnt know they could cause back pain though.

I remember when I was young having back pain during my periods but not for yrs since & then I guess about a yr ago I started with back pain for a couple of wks a month that only last mos I realized was tied to my period. I've never considered myself to have PMS before, so this stinks.


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I have heard that the back pain is often connected to how your uterus "sits". My uterus is very prolapsed, from having three kids in three years (it weakened the muscles "holding it in place".) so I get very bad back pain with my periods. Some people, even without a uterus being prolapsed will get back pain, simply because of the angle at which your uterus sits.


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It's almost like the back pain associated with labor. Although not intense. I wonder what the connection is.

Although if you have not had back pain associated with periods before, I would get it checked out. You might want to see a specialist like an orthopedic surgeon and get an x-ray or something just in case; you never know. Could it possibly be the onset of osteoporosis? I know with many (including myself) periods and back pain usually subside once you've had children. My periods were much heavier and I always had back pain and took ibu before; now that I have had a baby they're lighter and I rarely take anything for pain/cramps. Just a thought.

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I was going to say fibroids, but you say your problem ones were removed. About 2 years ago I was told I had a small fibroid. I've never had much discomfort during my cycle (ever!) but the last 2 months I've had pre-menstrual back pain that disappears during the tail end of my flow. I have no children. I do have a retroverted (backward-tilting) uterus.

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Typically we want to jump right in and say uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

Fact is some women have more pain during their menstural period than others.

Talk with your health care professional. Medications such as Naproxen or Diclofenac are very helpful for this sort of pain.

Be Well!

D. Adams, NP

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In thirty 8 no kids and every month a week b 4 my period i hurt like hell so bad i cry myself 2 sleep wat can i do to stop tis awful pain

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Barbara, if you don't plan on having children I have the perfect solution. I have been on the Pill for over 10 years straight without taking the placebos, the pills you take during your period. This way I haven't had a period in 11 years and no PMS, no cramps, no pain. My doctors have monitored this closely since it really wasn't a common option in the late '90s but it has caused no side effects and I feel great.

I have misshapen ovaries and this caused such severely painful cramping I too would curl up and cry for days.

Talk to your GYN about this option, it worked wonders for me.

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