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barb_txJuly 24, 2004

I know nothing about webpages but would like to learn. My first question is do you have to have a site elsewhere and then link it to GW? I have seen some pages that have a lot of graphics, etc, and assume that is so in those cases. Then there are other pages that just have still photos. Is there a way to just upload pictures to your member/trade page without constructing a web page per se? Thanks, Barb

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YOU need to have a web page somewhere else, and link to it from GW.

See mine, for example:

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Thanks for your answer. I have space on my isp but have to do some html. Have been communicating with a fellow gardenwebber who has said she will do my page. That would be the easy way out but I would not learn anything from the process. Maybe I could learn to maintain the page. Barb

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Barb -
Try www.htmlhelp.com (or maybe .org) ... it's got lots of tips.

The browser Mozilla has a nice HTML editor, and it's FREE! www.mozilla.org

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