JoifulJune 18, 2004

I have developed tinnitus (ear noises or ringing in the ears). It started all of a sudden about a week ago and it is frustrating and very stressfull!

Any of you fellow sufferers have any suggestions?


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for me it turned out to be as simple as ceasing to take asperin. I hope it turns out to be something simple for you as well. I understand it can drive a person bozo and is sometimes symptomatic of something far more serious

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gandbb, thanks for your response. Regarding aspirin, all I take is 1 baby aspirin a day. What I recently discovered is that my blood pressure is very high & that may be a cause of the tinnitus. I started to take bp meds yesterday and I am hoping that this will help to alleviate this awful ringing in my ears! This constant ear noise is driving me crazy!

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Any medication that I take will give me just as you described...I havent had asprin in years and especially sinus medication.

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I have constant ringing in mine too. In my case it is due to a partial hearing loss. I suggest that you might get your hearing tested at some point.

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I have what you could describe as locust humming in my ears at all times...due to driving tractors for years...I guess I've just gotten used to it.

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I had my hearing tested and it is still fairly good. I have some slight reduction in high frequency hearing in one ear.
I am getting somewhat used to the sounds but still am bothered at night. I use a sound machine (white noise) but the noise in my ears is a much higher pitch that I can still hear it. My sounds are sort of like locusts, too. Wish it would go away!

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Background music is helpful to many sufferers. It seems to help by giving you something else to listen to. That way, you tend to ignore the tinnitus.

A tape of something soothing that you could listen to at bedtime may help more than the white noise. I have a tape player and I find that one side is more than enough to get me to sleep.


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I just got an email newsletter today from Dr. David williams, and the main focus in this one was on alternative remedies recommended to him.

One of the things discussed was ringing in the ears, and someone had recommended Ginko Biloba. I don't know what dosage was used, but the person stated that they had started having significant results after about 3 months. The doctor stated that he had heard of this helping a certain percentage of people.


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gooseberry guy... I have been trying Ginko Biloba. I have been taking it for almost a month, it still has not helped. I have been trying every remedy with no luck.

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I had this for about six months, not sure why. I used a radio or television turned on high enough so I didn't concentrate on the tinnitus. My aunt, who's had it for many years, does the same.

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Joann, I hear of some, like you, whose tinnitus stopped. I am hoping & praying mine will too!

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I have tinnitus, which was brought on as the result of a head injury I received in a car wreck 4 1/2 years ago. Mine will never go away. It kind of sounds like I am "listening to the ocean" in a seashell 24/7. Most of the time I can ignore it, but it seems when things are really quiet or if I am really tired, it bothers me the most. Unfortunately I also have 35% hearing loss as a result of the injury and it will deteriorate over the years. Very frustrating, as I'm only 41 and now deafer than my parents. My DH also has hearing loss from many years of ear infections and also siren noises (he's a paramedic) so between the two of us, we spend a lot of time saying, "What??!!" We probably drive our kids crazy! LOL! Eventually I will need hearing aids, but am not anxious to go that route until I have to.

The only advice I have is to have background music going during the times it is bothering you the most.


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