What other browsers do you use to check your pages?

weedwomanJuly 28, 2005

Internet Explorer is my normal browser and I also downloaded a copy of Netscape, just to see what my html pages look like in it. What other browsers are common enough that I should check my html code on them?


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Firefox has far more users than Netscape (though the new Netscape is based on Firefox), so I would definitely suggest checking how code displays on it.

IE handles much code abnormally, so it is great you are checking with other browsers that are far more WWW3 compliant.

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I don't check with a browser - I check with software that will tell me if the page has non-compliant HTML.

If it passes the test, it's W3.org compliant and if there are browser problems, it'a the browser's problem, not mine.

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I check IE, Firefox and Opera.

lazygardens, what validation software do you use?

I recently had occasion to make a reservation on the Hilton Hotel web site. Neither Firefox nor Opera worked - had to use IE. Annoying!

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I wondered about Netscape - when I downloaded it it made it sound like it included a couple of other browsers that I've heard mentioned.

Spewey, what sort of things does IE handle abnormally? Just curious. So far, I haven't done anything fancier than tables, so probably any browser can handle them, but since I'm not just doing it for myself I'm a little paranoid. I'll download Opera and Firefox too. And it would be fine to check for W3 compliance, although I want everyone to be able to see the site, as I said it isn't my personal site. I think the W3 website had a compliance checker on it, too.


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I use firefox (love it!) and double check on IE.
I don't have netscape installed (I really hate it!!) so I can't tell you about netscape however I can say that spewey is right and that IE handles some html coding poorly. I have had problems with picture resizing (my fault). Firefox sizes larger photos to fit on the screen. IE doesn't do this. Sometimes I forget this and check my page and end up with this huge photo.
So I have to go back to photoshop and resize it so it doesn't fall off the screen in IE.
Other problems I have seen have to do with formatting. I will double check my code and it appears fine however IE doesn't seem to handle it like firefox.
I guess I should just start developing using IE and that would save me a step!

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I , and maybe an increasing number of folks, no longer even run Windows or MacOS or IE or Safari....I have 2 Macs running OSX.3 and Debian, a Powerbook running just OSX, and two pc's, only one of which even has M$Windows installed, and that has had IE and Outlook and Outlook Express stripped from the OS (spare me the "you can't do that" blah blah blah, of course you can, there is even commercially available software that lets you do it).

Better to insure standards compliance than to worry about a world full of Windows and Gates. And a shrinking world it is becoming too.

Opera is a better browser than the other three, IMHO anyway

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Since we are trying to communicate, it is important what the viewer sees. I use IE6 and Firefox. That covers practically everybody. I have Mozilla and find it interesting that is shows web pages a little differently than Firefox.

Staying away from flash and active-x will make the web page accessable to more people too. I use java-script but only as much as necessary.

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