Living without your thyroid - how do you cope?

gneegirlMay 1, 2009

I've checked with folks on another Forum here so some of you may be seeing my questions for a 2nd time - sorry, but now,as I posted in the Diabetes thread today, I've finally decided it's time, and really need some details.

Are any of you that are living without your thyroid, willing to provide some advice or suggestions? I'm truly nervous about this, but I'm that way with the thyroid, so my thought is, what's worse. I just really need a hand-hold for what happens after it's gone. My Dr. was VERY detailed about the surgery and also right after. But what about the rest of my life. PS, I am a type II diabetic. Does that matter?

Any help is truly appreciated - THANKS.


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I myself have not had any thyroid problems that I know of (at least not yet) although my mother did and my sister-in-law does. In my mother case, she had surgery not long after I was born (I am now 54). Apparently they removed all but 1/8th of her thyroid - why? I am not clear on that one. Actually my sister is the one that told me about this just 15 years ago. Incidentally, my mother died when she was 55 from a heart attack. Nothing to do with the lack of thyroid.
My sister-in-law did have thyroid cancer and had it totally removed with the follow-up iodine radiation. That was about 17 years ago. No problems since that time.
Neither one were diabetic, so I have no idea if that makes a difference.
What I do know however, is that thyroid cancer overall is one of the easiest cancers to cure (depending on which of the four types you have).

BTW how old are you?

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Make sure the doc works with you on proper medication after the surgery. It may take some trial and error before you feel really good.

I had trouble with my doc at first. I described symptoms and told him my mom had hypothryroid and asked for a blood test for the thyroid. He spend about a half an hour talking about my age, stress, diet, depression, menopause, etc. Then the test came back that I am hypothyroid.

He prescribed synthroid. Didn't work. Asked for the Levoxy that worked for my boss when synthroid didn't. Levoxy didn't work for me. I'm now trying armour. It's a little better, but I'm no where near myself yet. My doc still talks depression medication when I see him, I just tell him I don't want that, I want the latest thyroid drug I've heard of, and he prescribes it for me.

Just educate yourself and be prepared for possible trial and error for a while. Maybe you'll get lucky and the first thing you try will do the trick! If not, and if your doc isn't willing to prescribe anything you want to try, find a new doc. Shouldn't have to argue or convince the doc, IMHO.

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