Making a slide show with music...

Pam_AZJuly 8, 2002

I would like to make a slide show with my pictures and put it to music with different kinds of fading. A couple of years ago I made "movies" at a place called Photopoint and they are out of business now. That little movie making thing was so much fun. Does anyone know of any software you can buy that helps you make these little movies to be burned on CD and passed around?

I really would like it if I could use my DVD player to view my little "movies" on TV...sort of like looking through photo albums.


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Try the VCDHelp site. It has lots of info on how to create VideoCDs, SVCDs on CD-R and CD-RW.

Here is a link that might be useful: VCDHelp

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Thanks, I'm on my way!

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you might also check out MGI videowave. Although it is limited in what it can do it is a easy program to use. You can find it at the website.


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