blood clot???

sally25May 15, 2006

I'm pretty sure I have a blood clot in my arm.. I have a huge bruise just above my elbow, below my bicep, on the inside of my arm... I've had it for days.. don't know how I got it.. And there is a little ball in there that you can roll around... The only thing I can think, is that it is a blood clot from the mystery bruise.. I am flying across the country tomorrow morning.. Do you think flying would be dangerous with a blood clot??? Any quick answers would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks!!

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definatelty should be checked before you fly. So you have a primary care doc that can check it out for you. Flying can present problems if it is a blood clot. that's what a friend of mine was told, she didn't fly that day and ended up going by ambulance to the hosp that night when the clot moved and blocked cirulation in her arm.

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Any kind of clot about the knee is very dangerous, you will need to go and get it checked, they will do a doppler ultrasound to find out if its a clot or not.

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