Benign tumors inside liver

flowergirl70ksMay 16, 2013

My son has been diagnosed with tumors inside the liver. Biopsy says they are benign. Has anyone ever heard of this ?

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If you search the web you will find that these are non-cancerous and don't need treatment.
It is an indication of something is not right. The liver is very capable of regeneration if given a chance.
If concerned check with a person who knows about detoxifying and diet.

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omg don't listen to Doug he'll have you drinking herbal concoctions to cure cancer next.(which your son doesn't have) What does your doctor say? Is there any treatment nec. or will they watch & see if things change? What does your gut tell you? Maybe time for a second opinion, to be sure. Good luck.

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What Jomuir said--Doug is just plain wrong. He just joined today and is offering his medical expertise.

I know nothing about the condition you have described, but I would strongly suggest a second and maybe even a third opinion. Do you have any major university hospitals near you? Even if you have to drive a bit, it might be worth going for another opinion. It will give you and your dear son more peace of mind.

In a similar situation in our family, we got three opinions in one case and two in another. You learn a great deal and can get information about any continuing medical treatment or tests needed.

I'll be thinking of you and hoping nothing further develops for your son.

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The doctors found something that looked like growths on my husbands liver, and after follow up scans they decided they were benign, they weren't growing. My husband had regular moles and the red moles all over his body and they think that is what was on his liver since they never changed. The red ones were called hematomas I think, something like that.

If Doug ever gets cancer or something else as serious he will probably treat it his way and by the time he gets worried enough to see a doctor it will be to late.

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The third leading cause of death in U.S.
Now it is published in JAMA which is the most widely circulated medical periodical in the world.
The author is Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health and she desribes how the US health care system may contribute to poor health.

12,000 -- unnecessary surgery
7,000 -- medication errors in hospitals
20,000 -- other errors in hospitals
80,000 -- infections in hospitals
106,000 -- non-error, negative effects of drugs
These total to 225,000 deaths per year from iatrogenic causes!!
What does the word iatrogenic mean? This term is defined as induced in a patient by a physician's activity, manner, or therapy. Used especially of a complication of treatment.
Another analysis concluded that between 4% and 18% of consecutive patients experience negative effects in outpatient settings,with:
* 116 million extra physician visits
* 77 million extra prescriptions
* 17 million emergency department visits
* 8 million hospitalizations
* 3 million long-term admissions
* 199,000 additional deaths
* $77 billion in extra costs
Most comments I make are to make people aware of alternative treatments because the medical cartel is not working
I don,t fear cancer because I know how to stop it.

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I agree that people take to many drugs. The doctor gives you one for your problem, then you have side effects and they give another drug for the side effects. I make my own health care decisions not my doctor. I go to him, listen to what he says then decide what I need. I do not take any preventative meds like chloresteral, flu or pneumonia shots. The chloresteral meds are very dangerous, the flu and pneumonia shots have aluminum in them. The drugs are dangerous and people take them to prevent something they may never have. People should Google the meds they take and think about if they need them. My sis got double pneumonia and it's a miracle she is alive and well. When she came home from the hospital, she couldn't recover, always felt bad and no energy. She got disgusted and stopped all her meds but one and whadda you know, she recovered completely. In spite of all of that when I get sick I go to the doctor and I have doctor's I trust and doctors who let me make my own decisions about my health.

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My cousin's wife has had liver tumors for a few years & so far they are benign. She is being seen by dictors regularly & they are keeping a watch on these tumors just in case they do change. So sounds as if your son is being treated the same way.. 'watchful waiting'!

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Diet can wreak havoc on the liver. Alcohol, sugar, and fat (the wrong ones margarines, fried greasy foods, vegetable oils) are enemies to your liver. As sugar has no fiber in it, your body absorbs it quickly causing an overload to your liver, just like alcohol would. Whereas you don't need to overhaul your body with cleanses if you don't want but given you are getting a warning you should clean up your diet. A clean diet does wonders for any condition one has. Really, look into what is in our "food" - flavours, colourings, sugars, preservatives, it's not pretty.
And it is a fact that the liver can regenerate quite readily. I had a friend whose mother died of liver failure so they did blood work on my friend and sure enough she had markers (fatty liver to be exact). She cleaned up her diet and lost 10 lbs (she wasn't really overweight) and her blood work came back clear 5 months later.

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