period issues??? confused???

helpwiththisMay 1, 2008

I have always had a regular cycle. Get my period about every 28 days. It lasts 4-5 days and is a moderate flow.

The last 2 months my period has come on time, but been so light it is almost like spotting.

I have had one child, 9 years ago. When I was pregnant with her I had no spotting or period. I thought maybe I am pregnant again but the test was negative. I have a dr. appt scheduled for next week because I am worried.

Has anyone had an issue like this with their period?? Or any ideas what could be causing my period to change like this?

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Change in diet, exercise, stress level, travel, or medicines could make your period lighter.

I'd have your doctor check you out just in case, but I wouldn't waste anytime worrying about it.

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Carla is right. See your doctor and don't worry.

Most women have times where they become irregular now and then. You have just been one of the lucky ones that haven't. You don't say how old you are, but sometimes as we get older, the regularity and amount changes a little.

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Well I woke up this morning with horrible stomach pains. My "real" period finally arrived. I am still going to follow up with my dr. just for piece of mind. Oh ya, and I am 30 agnespuffin.

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I've always had an irregular cycle. I once didn't have my periods for 5 months. A woman I grew up with didn't have hers for a whole year!

When I had an operation, the doc did a D&C. After that, I had my periods every 28th day. First time in my life that I was regular at age 28. A year later, I got pregnant!

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Ibuproben and naproxen (another anti-inflammatory) are prostaglandin inhibitors and can interfere with flow. As can alcohol. Some antidepressants can also have an effect on your period, even making them stop and throwing one into a menopausal state. So maybe you are taking in some medication that is new?

Eating fish is great for your period and for relieving cramps too. I knew someone who said she would go out for a fish dinner to bring on labor : ) Using a Cod liver oil supplement works wonders for cramps (I use to do the liquid form, washing it down with milk or OJ; thought it worked better than the capsules.)

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