Tile versus Carpet for Basement

btheisAugust 25, 2012

Hi Folks,

I've searched the posts and can't find a discussion of tile vs. carpet for basement floors. Thus, I seek your opinion.

Current basement floor is carpet over tile. Basement flooded about 5 years ago due to hydrostatic pressure from really heavy rains. Installed an interior French drain and that seems to have solved the problem. No flooding since then despite the same conditions occurring several times during the last couple of years.

Our water heater failed about a month ago and did further damage to the carpet in the basement.

Wife is of the mind that "What else can happen" so let�s re-carpet.

I'm of the mind of "be done with it" as with tile I can just mop up any water.

Carpet will run +-$2,100, tile will be +-$3,600 both include materials.

I look forward to your thoughts.

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In a basement, tile over heat strips is as good as it gets. Feels good on the toes and depending on how much you cover, could heat the space.

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That said...and you can lay down attractive area rugs and clean or replace them should a water event occur again.

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Hi Betheis. I didn't have any floods to contend with...just the Great Grey-green, Greasy Limpopo River flowing through the back yard turning it into the Swamp of Despair. (HOA is responsible for common areas abutting yards & hasn't corrected the drainage issues...we've done all we can within the yard...)

We're laying wood-grain plank 6"x24" ceramic tiles next weekend. I'd debated over tiling the entire basement, weighing pros & cons. Thought about floating laminate or engineered wood, possibly cork, too. Once I saw a sample floor in the "Birch Beige" wood-grain it was all over.

It's worth the consideration and looking into. Your wife may just like the hardwood-floor look like I did =>.

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