RE: Seeing a Loved One After They Passed Away

Cynthia1969September 26, 2013

My husband Johnny's grandpa passed away over 20 years ago. He had a gun that Johnny and the sons made out of many different guns into one. When he passed his grandma gave the gun to Johnny's Uncle. Johnny begged his uncle to sell it to him but he wouldn't. Instead he traded it for another gun at a local pawn shop. When Johnny found out he was so upset but it was already sold. He looked for over 10 years and one day he called his grandma and told her he was sending someone out to put his name and stuff on the headstone because no one had done it. A month or so passed and we was walking through Trades Day and my husband walked up to me with the biggest grin on his face and a gun in his hand. He had just bought his grandpa's gun from an older gentlemen that had bought it years back from an estate sale. Wasn't this just awesome. I told my husband that his grandpa repayed him for the nice gesture he had done for him and his grandma.:)

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I know how much the gun means to him because my hubby was given his grandfather's gun from his dad. He would not part with this gun. Plus my hubby just bought his dad's tractor that he purchased in 1955. My hubby remembers the day his dad bought it. Wonderful memories for our fellas!!

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