Six months today....

OddtreeSeptember 13, 2005

My mom passed away six months ago today. It's been a rough day.

I've decided to honor my mom's memory with a scholarship at a local community college. This brings some comfort.

Other than that, I just feel like I'm waiting for something. Not sure what, though.

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I'm glad you found some comfort in honoring your mom's memory. What a generous gift, a gift of a college scholorship.

My mom passed away six months ago also. It will be six months on the 23rd of September. I also feel the same way that you do, Oddtree. I feel like I'm waiting for a call from my mom on my cell phone. She always called me on my cell. I miss her terribly.

Also six months ago (the night before my mom's funeral) we had a fire at our business. So we have been in the process of rebuilding. We finally got to move into our new building this week. But I really don't feel excited or happy when I should be.

These last six months I feel numb. Like this isn't real. I feel like I'm going in slow motion. I just can't pick up the speed of doing anything. Does anyone else feel this way?

I want to do something on the 23rd to honor my mom also. Maybe it will bring me some comfort too.

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It will be 8 months on Sept 24th since my mom passed away. I feel the way both of you have described, just sort of lost, empty and alone.

The pain never really lessens I don't think, it hurts just as much as the day it happened. I miss her so much everday.

It helps to come here and not be so alone.

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The scholarship is pretty small, only $250 a year, but that's actually about 3 classes at our local community college. I think it helps to put her name on something.

I guess I'm waiting to hear from her too. I think I've had a few dream visits, but I wish I could have real visits. I know we all do.

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Oddtree, the scholarship is a wonderful thing to do. I bet your Mom would be so proud of your generosity in her honor. When our oldest was in college, that amount of money was very, very helpful, and we were deeply appreciative.

I know how losing your Mom just leaves a big hole in your life. Mine has been gone over two years, and I still just miss her so much.

Take care.

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My sincerest sympathies. Your gift to the college is commendable. I have found in the two years that my son and granddaughter have been gone that the positive things I can do to keep their memories alive really give me comfort. My fellow teachers and PTA members donated money for a beautiful magnolia and garden bench in the school yard with a nice plaque dedicated to their memories. I smile each time I pass it. For the last 2 years on Dave's birthday, we have donated money in his memory to his high school. This year, we are giving money to the zoo for room and board for two tortoises (his favorite non-extinct animals). The last 2 years for Millie's birthday, I have donated books to her school library. The librarian (whom I've never met) has been very sweet, sending me photos of Millie taken in the library. She puts bookplates in the books I send, noting that they are given by her grandparents in Millie's memory. I think these types of positive memorials really make us feel as though something positive is happening, keeping their names alive. It still is never close to enough, though.

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I'm so sorry about your mom. I believe that you will gain much satisfaction from having the scholarship in her memory. We have two college scholarships in Christin's memory that will be here long after we are gone. It makes us feel good to know that her memory will live on and good things will continue to happen in her name for years to come.
I miss my mom and daughter very much also. Doing good things helps!

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It will be 3 months on the 26th that Mom left her earthly home. We miss her so much. My sweet little Dad does o.k. but his heart is broken. When I go downstairs to their little apartment in the morning to check on Dad and see him sitting there eating breakfast alone...that pain of her not being there hurts....she always enjoyed getting her bath,dressed(her pretty necklace on)and eating her breakfast. The pain of missing them never goes little thing that I like to do is sit in Mom's rocker...oh she loved that rocker and spent many hours sitting there...just that little thing of sitting there...brings me comfort....doing things for others brings honor to them and comfort for us. I to feel like I am waiting for something....Mom has not come to me in a dream...I haven't had a dream about her....I would love to have one. Friends gave me a beautiful water fountain in memory of Mom...I love to go out and sit and watch and hear the water....I miss her so much. God Bless...Nora

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