Planters, Palmers An Common WARTS !

SpontaneouslyFact101May 26, 2014

I have tried it all. I had a PALMERS WART on my thumb, I used acid stuff from the store, seemed like it worked at first . Ate at my skin bad though : (
Freezing an all, I've done it. Nothing.
One day I was browsing the internet for home remedies and I came across banana peals. Hmm, I thought that's weird; I had bananas so what the heck tried it. It ACTUALLY WORKS! They started coming out right away. You take the banana peals an scrape off the white inside that touches the actual banana and put it on the effected area and almost instantly the wart will start coming out as you can see the magic of the banana peal in action. Once the peel is full of the nasty thing it will fall off. I read that you should do it over night and tape it on yourself. I do it whenever (a lot) throughout a day.
GOOD LUCK !! : )
Caution VERY Contagious to other parts of your body, people, animals and also your surroundings.
Still researching and trying helpful, painless solutions : )

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In early May I had a bump on my distal digit . I thought it was a mucoi cyst at first and disregarded it. Two weeks later it had grown in size but still smooth with no indication of being a wart. Under the lamp I could see the veins of the wart. What does that look like basically tiny white or black dots.
I used the dr. Scholl freeze kit longer and more frequent than told. The wart would turn white and continue to get bigger.
I cut the top off with a pair of scissors. Just enough to remove a few layers of skin . I soaked the site in apple cider vinegar with the mother three times a day and at night applied fresh slivers of garlic. This removed the wart to the very base. I like a fool stopped treatment thinking I nailed the sucker. Nope!
Two weeks later I could see it was bigger.
Again I removed the skin with a scissor or a nail clipper. I have been slicing up banana peel and wrappg the wart with the banan peel and scotch tape.
The banana peel made the fresh skin surrounding the wart peel away.
I have a thin scab still active with the wart. With a magnifying glass I can see the tiny veins still present.
How do you know when it is gone and how long to treat?
You know when it is gone when all you see is normal skin. If you have a scab continue to apply the banana peel.
How long will it take using any natural method..... Depends on how vigil you are and how deep the sucker is. I am about two weeks into self treating for the second time . I only have about the size of "%" . The wart is only the size of the percent mark. I can see there are a few veins still present.

It is not necessary to cut the skin till you bleed. I only removed a top layer to any product could penetrate.
The garlic was effective but I smelled like garlic all the time.
Some have more success with the garlic and others the banana.
Just make sure you get the entire sucker or it returns .
Also you must clean the scissor or nail clipper or the wart will transfer.

I agree that the banana is the most effective and does not hurt one bit whereas the freeze method did diddly squat and burned.
Oops the banana method does burn a little when you are at the final" kill stage" but it is minor.

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