Suggestions for my Website? PLEASE!!!

nettasauraJuly 12, 2007

So since I am having conflicting ideas as to how to continue setting up my website, I thought that I would ask for a little input.

My biggest question right now is, would you rather see instructions on how to make ornaments, decorations, crafts, and jewelry, or would you rather just have a photo gallery where you can stroll through and look at everything?

To see the difference please check out the Christmas Crafts/Ornaments/Beaded Garlands for an instruction heavy section. Then check out Lonetta's Jewelry/Earrings section for a gallery style section.

Please let me know what you like better, any suggestions on how to make the site more user friendly, etc.

Lonetta's Arts and Crafts

Thanks for helping!


PS - I have a better camera this year so I will be able to take some far better pictures of the Christmas ornaments this coming fall...closeups! Plus I am working on about a gazillion other ornaments for all of my other trees, so there will be tons more coming!

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One quick comment... don't use different backgrounds on every page. It is is very distracting.

I think instructions with photos of finished products is more useful if you aren't selling.

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