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becca5July 23, 2002

Please recommend search engine for very simple pages, non-commercial. Have found two free and naturally they don't list with the major engine services. Cost is a factor and may not be worth it to me as I did this for fun. Thanks for any input.

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I gather you want to list your web site (pages) on a search engine. Is that a correct assumption?

If so, what you want to do is to get listed on dmoz. However to get listed your site probably needs to be informative and useful to others. If it gets listed there, then it will eventually get picked up by other commercial search engines like, AOL, Google, Hotbot, etc since they use dmoz database.

Take a look at the link below on how to add site to Open Directory Project (dmoz).

Here is a link that might be useful: How to add a site to the Open Directory

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Hi dan4985. The more I learn, the less I know I know. Went to the suggested site and it is wonderful. The difficulty I have is in chosing a category because my pages cover a variety of subjects; i.e, crafts, computer help and sites pertaining to outer space. Also, using JamesS code for clickable links won't work in Earthlink's ClicknBuild program, it changed the format of the page instead. LOL I would love a critique from both of you but I am not posting the address here. My email is posted if either of you feel so inclined. Thanks ever so much.

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I have sent you an e-mail, becca5, as I would love to see your website. I also used the link that Dan gave to list one of my websites. It will be interesting to see if they accept mine. They had quite a few pages similar to mine already listed.

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Oh, MaryAnn, I'm sorry, I took the pages down. To explain, I used Earthlink's ClicknBuild and it is quite limited in what you can do, also, my pages were all links to other places (my favorites) and I was not able to make them clickable. In addition, because it was mostly links I didn't think the search engines would pick it up. Dan directed me to a Evrsoft program called lst Page 2000 which will give me a wide range of choices for my page, so it's back to the drawing board. becca

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