Oral-B toothbrushes

catsmom6May 24, 2006

Has anyone tried the Oral-B Dual Action power brushes? They are so expensive that I hate to get them if they don't work as well as the regular power ones.



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Is that the one with the rechargable battery? if so, my problem was that the battery wore out and couldn't be fixed. The replacement brushes were expensive too. I don't think they did any better than the replaceable battery ones like Braum or Crest (or was it Colgates?)

Any of them must be used correctly and regularly. They aren't a substitute for regular visits to the dentist. Some people form tartar on their teeth quite fast. Even regular brushing doesn't seem to keep it all off.

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I had an Oral B 3-D and thought it was great, but had the same problem with the re-charger. Then I picked up a $6 battery brush in K-Mart (2win Spin by Orawave) and I swear it's just as good. I even e-mailed to tell them so and will buy them by mail if K-Mart is out. Agnes is right, though, none of the brushes are going to do much by themselves.

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