Anti-pers/deod allergy all of a sudden?

LibbyLizMay 18, 2006

I've tried numerous anti-pers/deod brands over the years (differing percentages of aluminumn zirconium t... & aluminum c...) without problems other than noted below.

When I one used recently it felt like it wore or slid off after a while & left me sticky (Lady's Speed Stick Clean Glide). So I bought Arid XXDry (Regular Scent) on the recommendation of a coworker.

The first time I used the Arid it made my skin burn & itch. Now I have a red very dry & large patch above & below my armpits.

I also had the burning & itching when I tried Tussy (unknown scent) years ago.

I tried Lady's Choice Coconut-Lime today & it made me burn & itch. I've used this before without problems.

Perhaps I haven't given my skin long enough to recover before trying a new anti-pers/deod?

Perhaps I now have an allergy to the aluminum..., depending on the percentage of active ingredient used or no matter the percentage, and/or the scent in anti-pers/deod?

Has anyone had this happen? What did you do?

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May I suggest that you forget about deodorants for a while until your skin clears up? Use Shower to Showere which is a baking powder/talc powder that is quite effective in reducing odor and stopping some sweat. You may be having trouble with anti-persperants in general.

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You may be having trouble with anti-persperants in general.

That's what I was wondering; am I all of a sudden allergic to any/all deod/anti-pers when I've never had a problem with some before.

I guess it's always possible since some people have never had allergies to latex & then BAM they do, & the same with people not having allergies to pollen, food, insects... & then all of a sudden they do.

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That is the way allergies work - they can appear out of the blue.

The solution is very simple: stop using commercial deodorant/anti-perspirants. I gave up deodorant years ago (this should be posted on the money saving forum) when a Thai friend of mine gave me a large alum crystal. It's a mineral salt and I've had the same $1.50 one for years. A health food store will sell you a more expensive one, but you can get the pure crystal much cheaper in an Asian market if you have one near you.

I found that I still perspired for a few weeks, though no odor, and then the perspiration disappeared. I also used it very successfully on a heat rash last summer. And guess what? All those TV commercials about no white residue? This is the original no residue deodorant. No perfumes, either, no chemicals at all.

You can look up the properties of alum on the web if you want to, but I recommend this highly. There's nothing allergenic in it and the cost savings are incredible because one will last for years before it's used up. I've even heard it's recommend for cancer patients undergoing radiation because of the lack of aluminum in it.

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The problem with any kind of anti-persperant is that sometimes you need to sweat a little. It closes off the sweat glands so that you don't produce any. This isn't always good. Sometimes the body rebels. Unless you are in a very warm environment all the time, try getting by with just a deodorant. But get that skin cleared up first.

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Well, I'd like the dry red patch to clear up first. But...

The other day thinking my problem might stem from the scented version I bought Equate version of fragrance-free Secret & Dove's fragrance-free for sensitive skin.

Then this morning when I couldn't stand feeling sticky anymore I tried the one from Dove, I think, & had no burning or itching.

I think I may have found the answer to my problem - stay away from the scented deod/anti-pers.

When I run out of these two, or if they do end up giving me problems before I run out, I'll look into the crystal.


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