Plane Crash

tigpieSeptember 5, 2007

There was a plane crash 1/4 mile east of my house. Six people died. My house is the only one around the crash site.

The youngest person aboard the small plane was 2 months old. It was a family that recently immigrated from Turkey.

I have been feeling sad, and debating whether I want to go over to the crash site.

Today I have decided that I am going over there, and I am going to make a marker that says: Perhaps your family cannot come here to see where you vanished, but I am here in their stead, and I am very, very sad.

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How tragic, and I can certainly understand your sadness.

I think you should make the marker and take it there. The words you chose are lovely. That's a very nice thing to do. And what if someone from the family does come? Can you imagine how meaningful it would be to them?

I'm sorry.

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What an awful thing. You are so kind and caring to think of doing a marker for them, I think that would be wonderful.
May God Bless their souls and take them straight to Heaven.

God Bless you.

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I agree with the others. I hope it brings you some peace, too.

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God bless you in your effort to bring recognition to this family that met such a tragic ending. I am sure you will be rewarded for your care.

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