Recommended web authoring tools?

netlaJuly 29, 2003

I currently have MS FrontPage and am getting tired of all it's limitations and idiosyncracies.

What is a really good web authoring tool I can use instead? (Preferably something I can get in demo form so I can test it before buying a full version).

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I think you can download a demo version of Macromedia Dreamweaver. Its hard to go wrong with a Macromedia product.

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I think most of the web editing programs have limitations. I started off using Netscape Composer, which is free. Soon there were many things I wanted to do that Composer couldn't do. I just learned to edit the html and add codes for what I wanted.

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Netla -
If you are getting tired of fighting FrontPage ... it's time to start editing raw HTML.

One of the better programs for it is "HTML Tidy" ... freeware from website.

And Mozilla has a built-in page editor in the browser that is pretty good. has the download. YOu can rp semi-WYSIWYG, or see the raw code and edit that, then get the preview.

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The best one around is MS Visual InterDev. But it's expensive -- I'd really only suggest it for professional use. There are, however, a lot of freebies that are pretty good. I also recommend editing & writing raw HTML. It's easy and you have far more control, and you don't end up with all the tons of JUNK that FrontPage dumps into your pages.

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If you want WYSIWYG and access to code Dreamweaver is a nice program.

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For anyone wanting the challenge of doing the whole web page yourself, I recommend "Teach Yourself HTML Visually" and "Creating an HTML 4 Web Page" (Complete Idiot's Guide). Or the combination of both. With some practice it does come together. A great project; a lot of satisifaction!

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I used WebStudio and have been very happy with it. I did not opt to do a free webhost though, I wanted to be able to have a large site without size limitations or ads. I'm an educational NFP and crashing, slow loading, or size limitations would be a major hindrance to what I deliver to my viewers. If I go over my gigs in storage or traffic I am on auto-upgrade so I don't even have to make a request. My webhost allows me the ability to see who has visted my site as well as how many hits and pages they've viewed etc. Perfect for a control freak!

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Hi all,
I tried posting this before but I guess I did something wrong. As a newbie I couldn't make head or tail of the web-editing software. HTML4dummies showed how to hand-code in notepad, which I found much easier and loads more fun. Once used to the markup I did a few tables, then some framesets. By then I'd found css was the way to go. There's loads of helpful online stuff, plus great books. Please visit my first site but be kind!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Good work, I like the picture of the Yew too.

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Very well done! It would be nice not have to the use the word enlarge. But then, maybe nobody would try enlarging if it wasn't there. It is just that I haven't seen this before. Makes one think.

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I have the book FRONTPAGE 2000 FOR DUMMIES but it is still on the shelf.
I also have the book HTML FOR DUMMIESbut I can't find it, I think one of my kids has it. They really are informative.. and alot of fun...
with no site at the moment but working on it.. kinda

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I would suggest
It's free
It's not from MS
It's easy
It's supposed to work under M$Windows/Mac/Linux
It's at

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