texasgirl54May 30, 2006

I had an ultrasound last week for gallstones but instead

they found a gallblaader polyp.

Doctor said i have two options:

Removal of the gallbladder, or another ultra sound in

6 month and see if the polyp is growing.

I was told gallbladder surgery is not a big issue anymore.

Any advise?


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I had my gallbladder out on a Friday, they made me stay overnight for other issues as usually you go home the same day. We left for vacation on Sunday. Monday I was fishing on a boat (row boat). DOctor yelled at me as I could have fallen in the lake and gotten bacteria in my stitches!!! I was a little sore for about a week, but it was no big deal. It is still surgery, so it takes 6 weeks for your body to get "back to normal" as far as energy, but it was EASY surgery.

One suggestion I tell everyone....there is an issue the doctors never tell you about gallbladder surgery...when you feel you have to p00p after...when you even THINK you may have to...get to the bathroom NOW because if you wait it will probably be too late. SOrry it's a lot of information, but it is necessary to know or you will have an accident in a NOT good place (Guess how I know that!!). Of course this ONLY happens once then you learn!!!


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I would suggest to anyone who is type 1 diabetic not to have their gallbladder taken out if there is a choice. My DD had hers out because the doctors assumed that was what was causing the pain. After the surgery, the doctors realized there was nothing wrong with her gallbladder. It turned out that because of her diabetes, she developed gastroperisis which is a disease that apparently not many doctors are aware of. Having her gallbladder out has made her gastroperisis worse.

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Hi Christine,

I wish somebody had posted your question a week or two ago, when I was wondering the same thing (and too stressed out to think to post.)

I had my gall bladder out a week ago yesterday, and it went amazingly well. The surgery started at noon, and by three o'clock I was at Starbucks! Really.

The worst part was that I had a sore throat for three days because they weren't too gentle when they stuck a tube down my throat (when I was knocked out.)

Otherwise, it was easier, by far, than any medical or dental procedure I have ever endured.

I had been dreading this in part because my dad had a really bad experience when he had to have his gall bladder out in an emergency operation in the middle of the night. I learned from that that it makes a lot of sense to have it out in a controlled, non-crisis situation.

Indeed, my surgeon confirmed as much. He told me that he has probably taken out about a thousand gall bladders, and 95 percent of the time he can do it laroscopically. I was worried I would be one of the five percent, but he told me that he had had only one case, in more than 20 years of surgery, when someone presented ahead of time in a non-emergency setting and needed to get cut open the old-fashioned way. That did it for me; I was in there voluntarily, before the crisis.

Good luck to you, and keep us posted on how it goes!

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There are more and more men and women nowadays who suffer from the gallbladder disease. It commonly appears in old men and women and the dangers of gall bladder illness are greater at people today over 50 yrs old. Even though this disease has effects on adult men and females it can be most prevalent in ladies. The estrogen will be the major cause of that. More youthful people and youngsters can be afflicted with this disease too, however it just isn't so prevalent in them and in case it takes place then it's not serious. Obese people, people with gastro-intestinal complications and people today experiencing with higher blood cholesterol levels are more afflicted with this disease..

Gallstones are most frequently the primary cause of this disease.. They're normally created because of too much cholesterol levels inside the bile or if the gallbladder does not unload completely. The gall stones normally trigger clog of the bile and for that reason the normal functions of the gall bladder may take a hit.

When the symptoms of gallbladder illness are minor then they are able to be quickly addressed with some medications and distinct diet program. However, it the gallbladder causes severe complications then it's recommended to eliminate it operatively. There are two sorts of gallbladder illness: chronic and acute. The chronic sort isn't so extreme and its particular difficulties are bearable. Nevertheless the acute type of gall bladder disease pretty much usually calls for surgical procedure.

Fortunately, the gallbladder isn't a important organ plus the human body can continue doing the job with out complications if it can be removed. On the other hand, therefore the liver organ actually starts to produce much more bile to make the distinction. As soon as the gall bladder is taken away from your body it can cause problems considering the food intake but luckily it is often resolved with lowering the food parts and eating low-fat foodstuff. In this manner your body will very easily rise above the absence of the gallbladder.

Considering the gall bladder surgical procedures you will discover 2 kinds: open medical procedures and laparoscopic medical procedures. Laparoscopic surgical procedure possibly the very best option since it carries lower risks along with the scar following the medical procedures is smaller. This surgical procedures is completed with a medical tool known as a laparoscope. The actual laparoscope is in a form of a hose with a little high-end camera on it. Its shape does not require major cut and due to that the time to recover is greatly decreased. You can treat this disease effectively in quite a few different methods but ensure to consult your doctor in case you have any complications together with your gallbladder.. In case you disregard the symptoms of gall bladder disease you might be prone to further health difficulties.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gall Bladder Symptoms

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