Mohawk Etern Brazilian cherry solid hardwood is the top of the li

heartspeaceAugust 13, 2012


I am here in need of your help again.

I've been told by my daughter builder two companies that the Mohawk Etern Brazilian cherry solid hardwood is the top of the line, ' Rolls-Royce' of Brazilian Cherry in the Mohawk line.

I honestly don't know what that means considering that everybody has a top-of-the-line, and many grades are probably as good as the that by other companies. Am I wrong?

How does one choose top-of-the-line? Is the cost worth the top-of-the-line claim? Installed with all quarter round being solid Brazilian cherry etc. They are looking at $11 per square foot for 3 1/4 inch wide and three-quarter inch thick Brazilian cherry.

Does anybody have any experience with Mohawk Etern Brazilian cherry?

There is no rip up charge as the pieces that are coming up are very lightly tacked down. I have been told the Brazilian Cherry can run up as high as $7-$8 per square foot uninstalled. I'm figuring about three dollars for installation. Even if I got a steal at $6-$7 per square foot I'm still running $9-$10 per square foot. Are these figures accurate or am I being very high on them? $1000 I can deal with its when comes to $2000 to $4000+ more I have a problem with.

Suggestions, advice, comfort, wisdom, help, anything that can give me will be appreciated. The builder just seems the builder just seems to keep getting more and more money out in my pocket, which I need for my disability. However I'm very tired from this whole housebuilding experience.

I know that's the sales technique to wear down somebody and then get more money from them, eg car sales. However I would like to think that my cell's and builder would not do that to me personally. Regardless I need to know is it worth the extra dollar or two to get this done after the bill or just get it done right now?


Sorry for any typos this is done with voice dictation.Also sorry that this is a double posting. I realize I posted it in the builders forum and that was a mistake.

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What is the square footage that you need it for?

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