Free blog? What is the catch? Bloggers please advise.

paint_chipsJuly 23, 2008

For the first time in my life, I have a really good idea. I have been contemplating a series of articles to submit to newspapers on a subject that is very personal to me, but I now feel that blogging is the course I need to take... but my only experience with blogs is READING them.

There are lots of free blog sites... is there a catch that I am too dumb or inexperienced to see? How are these companies making money? Is there a cap on the number of visitors?

I need the ability to:

1. write articles

2. have advertisments that are along my topic (to generate money) (how would I get that set up??)

3. hopefully free hosting

4. the ability to add a paypal button (is this safe??)

The objectives are to get my message out "there" while hopefully generating money. I have no wild illusions about becoming wealthy, but even a pitance is symbolically important because of the subject matter.

I am so excited, but I don't know where to begin. I can see it becoming a popular place to visit, but have no practical experience setting up a blog. Is there anything I need to look for/avoid? And advice is humbly appreciated.

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I guess it is kind of slow here. Luckily some people in the off topic area of another forum were able to give me some great advice.

Thank you to all the people who read this wishing to help!

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I site is in my profile. Free is def worthwhile...look at the # of people who use blogger. Hope you have a site up by now. Enjoy!

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You are right this is a really slow forum. I came over from cooking and was just looking around. The cooking forum is very active. You probably already have your answers but just in case here are some suggestions. I use googles blogger which is very simple to set up and add gadgets to. The link to my site is at the bottom. Second a great place to write articles and have them read by many people is the Newsvine I'll attach a link. Here you will be able to write your own article and also "seed" new articles from the web to the newsvine. You can also comment on those already posted. This is not a site you can earn money on but it does get you noticed and will eventually drive traffic to your site. Good luck and if you are still active here send me your blog so I can take a look. Newsvine is at:

Here is a link that might be useful: Traveling and cooking with grandpa

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I have 3 blogs at, all free. is the paid version which requires MUCH more maintenance. Blogging is fun... and addictive!

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