Anyone on treatment for low progesterone?

sneakyplantMay 7, 2008

Before anyone says I posted this in the wrong topic let me say that I'm 28, not going through menopause. After 2 years of gaining weight, irritability, night sweats, lack of energy during day, being completely wired at night, lack of focus, and my all time favorite hot-flashes. I finally found a doctor in my area who believed that there was something wrong with me despite normal blood tests. My dr did hormone saliva testing and according to the results I have 1/3 of the progesterone I should. My estrogen level is within range so IÂm not suffering from estrogen dominance, just low progesterone. My dr has put me on a hormone cream made specifically for me by a compounding pharmacy. IÂd like to hear from others about their experience with hormonal issues. Please sure any stories or advice. Thanks!

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This sort of thing happens. It's not always considered to be a problem except by those women being bothered by it. Creams are messy! I think I would rather have a few shots until the levels were built back up. But that's just my opinion. I know that not everyone agrees

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I've been using progesterone cream for cramps for a few months now. I am AMAZED at how well it works!! I was taking between 4 and 10 Darvocet per period (for about 5 years) and my gyn threatened to quit prescribing it unless I had a hysterectomy. I read about the Progesterone, tried it and it really works. I put about a half to 1 teaspoon right on my lower abdomen and the pain goes away in about 15 minutes. I try to use it just 3 weeks of the month, but sometimes I use it during my period as well if I am having cramps. I'm nearing menopause, but not there yet.

The cramps did go away (pre-progesterone) once I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and on thyroid meds, but came back as soon as I started adrenal meds (which mess with the female hormones). So it's a good idea to check out the thyroid first (check antibodies too, and not just the tsh).

Also oral progesterone has to go through the liver, so really the over-the-counter cream is a better choice.

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I'm taking 200 mg of prometrium on days 11-16 of my cycle. My PMS (which was severe!) is gone, my periods are much shorter and much much lighter. I am very happy with it. And, just FYI, I'm 38.

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